Posted by: Deepesh Shah | March 8, 2006

Krugle, the new Google for software developers

Krugle, the new Google for developers  If you’ve ever had problems
finding code or answers to coding problems using Google, you may want
to take a look at Krugle, currently in development. You can sign up to be notified when Krugle goes live at
According to them they are going to “go live” on March 8th, coinciding
with O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology Conference. They also have a blog
 Krugle is a new search tool made especially to cater to a developer’s
searching needs. According to their web site Krugle helps you to:

  Quickly find source code.
  Find source code related to technical information
  Save, annotate, and share your search results with others
 In addition it will generate API reports that will show how components
communicate between each other. Essentially a list of API calls made by
each component. Helpful when trying to figure out how components
operate in the grand scheme of things.
 This tool looks
interesting. I wonder if they will produce a tool to index and allow
search through code that is stored on local machines



  1. to that last question, yeah, it’s in the pipeline. I’m working with Krugle, but mostly on the blog end of things, so I don’t know exact details. however, I do know this is part of the plan.

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